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Coming this summer, introducing a new line of solar assist, battery powered security trailers. No outside power needed.

Mobile Security Units

Our Affordable Video Camera Systems help you:

  • Save money by weeding out dishonest employees.
  • Increase efficiency of business.
  • Prevent loss of valuables.
  • Protect investments and property.
  • Safeguard, and protect your home and family.

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We can supply you with equipment:

  • Complete “TurnKeyVideo Surveillance Systems
    (Video of Aver Media DVR Software Features)
  • Lowlight and Starlight Cameras, Infrared Lights
  • Digital Video Security Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  • Indoor Video Surveillance Systems
  • Outdoor Systems with Audio Announcement Upon Entry
  • Perimeter Control Systems
  • Hidden, Visible Cameras
  • Wired, Wireless Cameras
  • Affordable CCTV Systems
  • Self Contained Video Surveillance Security Trailer with cameras, lights, PA system, and more.